Unlock the Creative Potential of Your Business with AUDIO & VIDEO Solutions

Copper Eye Media provides tailor made Audio/Video solutions, designed to match clients requirements, ensuring that the brandreaches to the maximum audience with great exposure, leading to better recall as well ROI. With CopperEyeMedia’s services, you can stand out from the competition quickly!

Corporate Films

Make sure your business message reaches the right people in a captivating way. Keep engaging and informing your customers, partners, and shareholders with alluring visuals and catchy audio to keep them entertained. Maximize the impact of your content through creative and effective means! CopperEyeMedia produces corporate films that can be used to communicate with clients and colleagues. Our team of experienced professionals produce concise and engaging videos that explain the company culture and key objectives in an engaging and informative manner.


A Picture is worth a thousand words and at CEM we truly walk the talk! Our team can help you convey the key messages through vivid picturs that reflect your business's core. Whether you need to take promotional photos for your website, create an ad campaign, or just want to capture memorable moments from conferences and events – CopperEyeMedia will provide professional photography services that will fit your needs perfectly!


Let your audience connect with you and your business on a much deeper level. Reach thousands of people through personal, fun, and conversational podcasts. With CopperEyeMedia’s audio solutions, you can create an engaging podcast for all topics - from educational content to hilarious stories. Make sure your listeners stay tuned in!

Radio Ads

Get your message to the right people with our professionally crafted Radio Ads. Our team of experts will ensure that every aspect of your ad, from scripting a captivating story to selecting an appropriate voiceover, resonates with existing and potential consumers while remaining mindful of cost-effectiveness. Moreover, dynamic audio ad insertion allows you to customize and tailor ads in real time for more precise targeting so that you can reach even niche audiences without breaking the bank!

Audio Drama

If you’re looking for a more imaginative and adventurous approach to audio solutions, Copper Eye Media is here to help. We can turn your ideas into reality by producing captivating audio dramas that will keep your audience hooked. Our experienced team at CopperEyeMedia offers high-quality productions perfect for any type of project - a play, series, or anything else you can think of!

Jingles & Sonic Imaging

Get your customers singing along to the unique sound of your brand! Jingles and sonic recordings can create a memorable impression and an emotional connection between your brand and the listener. With CopperEyeMedia, you can make sure that your business stands out through attractive soundtracks for TV/radio commercials, promos, live events, and more.

Digital Ads

Promote your business with eye-catching visuals that will leave a lasting impression. CopperEyeMedia offers services for creating digital ads that can be used on websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other digital channels. We use the latest technologies and trends to tailor gorgeous visuals that amplify your message’s impact quickly!

Drone Cinematography

Take your visuals to the next level with stunning aerial shots. CopperEyeMedia offers professional drone cinematography services that allow you to capture mesmerizing footage from both ground and air, providing an unprecedented birds-eye view of your events, buildings, or whatever else you shoot. Let CopperEyeMedia make sure your visuals get noticed, from real estate to outdoor events!

Motion GFX & After Effects

Harness the power of motion graphics and animation to capture your audience’s attention. With CopperEyeMedia’s Motion GFX After Effects services, you can create stunning visuals to bring your ideas to life like never before! Our team is here to assist those who need captivating GFX sequences for corporate videos, product presentations, and other projects.

Virtual Tours 360° Walkthroughs

Explore the world from the comfort of your own home! Copper Eye Media can help you give your customers a virtual tour of your business by creating 360° walk-throughs. We’ll provide you with custom-made visuals and content that will give viewers an immersive experience and allow them to see all aspects of your business in real-time.

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